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Empowered and Embraced: NYFW Puts Women Front and Center

By Robin Torres

Important topics of interest tend to find their way into NYFW. Whether it’s through the choices that designers make, by way of their collection or the staging of their runway or through media,...

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How Big Data is Transforming NYFW

By Robin Torres

NYFW will never be the same. Even now, during this Fall Season 2018, many important changes took place which will most likely have a deep impact on NYFW’s evolution. As it progressively grows into...

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Interview: Decades of Sustainability with Maria Cornejo

By Robin Torres

Maria Cornejo, who has been designing for her brand Zero + Maria Cornejo for two decades, began using sustainable materials many seasons ago. Aside from the fact that this makes her somewhat of an...

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NYFW’s Future Could be an Algorithm. Are Fashion Shows Still Relevant?

By Robin Torres

Long term financial uncertainty and important structural changes tend to make companies feel uneasy. The fashion industry is no exception. NYFW is still finding its feet amidst it all – from the...

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Chromat’s Becca McCharen-Tran Celebrates Weirdness

By Shirine Saad

Trained as an architect, obsessed with technology, 33-year-old designer Becca McCharen-Tran’s award-winning Chromat has dreamt up a joyous community of body-positive enthusiasts and artists. We...

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Where’s the Show? Not on the Runway.

By Shirine Saad

The chicest statement this season among fashion insiders? Dismissing fashion week. Unless four-hour lines in subzero temps, catfights over designer swag, mad taxi races across Manhattan and...

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Michael Kors Creates Fashion Mixtape for NYFW

By Robin Torres

Michael Kors tends to be reliable, in a good way. It’s one of those shows you can count on for consistency, from a design standpoint, as far as the setting goes, and in terms of the overall mood....

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Interview: Sies Marjan’s Creative Director Speaks in Colors

By Robin Torres

“This collection is like an intense dream,” read the opening line of the press release, and I thought to myself, “sure, like Sander Lak finding his way to Sies Marjan.” Interestingly, this was not...

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Fashion in a Flash #2

By Robin Torres

As New York Fashion Week grows and evolves into a host of new formats, new fashion, and new designers, it still remains a stage for some of the industry’s most commercial and creative looks. Beyond...

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Trend Alert: Animal Prints Make a Comeback

By Robin Torres

Animal prints might have been yesterday’s overdone and not so suitable look – by times even associated to the lower and higher edges of socio-economic spectrums – but they are making a fun and...

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Interview: Christian Siriano on His 10-Year NYFW Anniversary

By Robin Torres

Christian Siriano’s show at the beautiful Grand Lodge marked his 10-year anniversary. The two-story set up was packed with excited guests, eager photographers, press from the four corners of the...

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Five Looks from the Mansur Gavriel Show

By Robin Torres

Last season marked the successful debut of Mansur Gavriel’s ready-to-wear collection, so getting to see their follow up in a much larger space – the previous venue was their own store in Soho – was...

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NYFW: Fashion in a Flash

By Robin Torres

As New York Fashion Week grows and evolves into a host of new formats, new fashion, and new designers, it still remains a stage for some of the industry’s most commercial and creative looks. Beyond...

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Time’s Up: Facing the Reality of Black Talent in the Design Industry

By Shirine Saad

Trinidadian-American Kibwe Chase-Marshall worked as a designer and journalist for years before he decided to take action against an urgent problem he witnessed in the fashion industry: a lack of...

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Telfar Clemens Ushers NYFW into the Future

By Robin Torres

Those who attended last night’s Telfar fashion show at Spring Studios might have caught a glimpse into NYFW’s future; or, at least one of its possible evolutions. As designers explore new ways of...