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You Say You Want a Revolution: Dior

By Jessica Bumpus

A quick history lesson for you: one day in 1966, a group of young women dressed in miniskirts held a protest in front of the Dior boutique with placards bearing “Mini Skirts Forever.” Marc Bohan,...

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TREND ALERT: Why Seasons Are Less Important

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—Milan Fashion Week closed without so much as a furry scarf or mitten in sight.   ARTHUR ARBESSER FW18 show in Milan. Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION. Season-less collections...

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INTERVIEW: Antonio Berardi Returns to Italy

By Sofia Celeste

Late pop idol Prince definitely foresaw a genderless world when he wrote “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” thick with prose about the trials of intersex life and love.  ANTONIO BERARDI at his FW17...

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Round Two for Milan’s Big Brands

By Jessica Bumpus

Just as important as debuts are the follow-up collections. Fashion is full of hype, most often victim of it – and so a bad debut doesn’t mean a bad second-time-round, and, conversely, a great debut...

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Speeding Towards the End of MFW: Tommy Hilfiger & Co

By Jessica Bumpus

With all the over-production of a Philipp Plein show, Tommy Hilfiger brought his TommyNow tour to Milan this season – by which we mean Spring/Summer 2018. Yep, that’s right; he’s one of the only...

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Trend Alert: Let Loose!

By Jessica Bumpus

Certain trends are easy to spot. Colours, motifs and finishes, decorations and adornments; they tend to catch your eye more quickly. There goes a stud, there goes some diamante. This season: there...

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Drones at Dolce!

By Jessica Bumpus

In something of an about-turn for a brand that has spent the past few seasons courting an online-obsessed and always-connected generation, Dolce & Gabbana spent the first half an hour of its...

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Milan and the Fashion-Induced Trip

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—All in clean fun. The Milan 2018/19 Fall/Winter fashion shows kicked off hard with a surrealist spirit – and, frankly, there were moments when we were just trippin’.  GUCCI FW18 show in...

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MFW: Get Offline & Go Outside!

By Jessica Bumpus

The internet is to our generation what the television was to the one before it: addictive, new, a novelty, and in demand. Nowhere is that more prevalent than at fashion week when one’s phone...

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Giada’s Perfection and Polish

By Sofia Celeste

With a collection that unfolded among the dusty manuscripts of Milan’s Biblioteca Braidense, Giada’s Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection was a testament to this brand’s evolution as a go-to brand for...

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THE SPECIALISTS: How British Fashion Went Niche

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

 It’s just how evolution works. As a breed, humans started as self-sufficient all-rounders. But over the millennia we’ve developed into a rainbow – defined less by general knowledge and broad...

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5 Looks: The Truth is Out There at Moschino

By Jessica Bumpus

Aliens do live among us! Well, the idea that they did certainly crept up on the Moschino runway this season. Jeremy Scott, the man with the contemporary Midas Moschino touch (having taken the top...

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Moncler’s Stroke of “Genius”

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN, Italy — Moncler set the brand’s refresh button with a mega installation at Moncler’s Palazzo delle Scintille, introducing its “Genius” series of collaborations with a slew of different...

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WHAT IT FEELS LIKE FOR A GIRL: Defiance and Redefinition at LFW

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

We’re constantly being reminded that fashion doesn’t (and can’t) exist in a vacuum. It’s rarely felt more evident than at this season’s London shows – five days that began with brilliant sunshine...

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LFW: From Instagram to The Joy of Sex

By Jessica Bumpus

The Joy Of Sex; Instagram; Louise Gray; Adele Astaire; Bauhaus: designer inspirations can concoct quite the medley, can’t they? Where others fall down an Instagram hole, others seek the solace of...