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Milan: Mixed Bags of Heritage and Fantasy

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—Handbags and accessories played their part in fuelling designers' trips down memory lane and, well, they’re… trippin' out.  Here are some leather goods and accessories that dictated the...

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Giada's Colangelo Flourishes Among Baroque Splendors

By Sofia Celeste

With a collection that unfolded among the Baroque masterpieces of Giovanni Battista Cima and Lorenzo Lotto at Brera's Pinacoteca museum, Chinese-owned brand Giada confirmed its devotion to the...

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Promoting Sustainability with HollyMODA

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—Livia Firth, founder of Eco Age, is perhaps one of the fiercest proponents of ethical and sustainable fashion in the world. With the help of Italy's fashion chamber and its president Carlo...

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Trend Alert: The Pink Spectrum

By Jessica Bumpus

With so many collections walking up and down the catwalks, it can be hard for a season to lay claim to any kind of colour these days – it seems like you’re plucking it from thin air or backing a...

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MSGM's Giorgetti Turns The Page

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—With streetwear on an upward trajectory, Massimo Giorgetti's vibrant collections strike a chord with millennials ... you know, the future really.   Photo by Gio Staiano for...

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Dealing A Dolce Deck of Cards

By Jessica Bumpus

Firstly, get ready to read no end of puns and word riffs as per the above. The Dolce & Gabbana invite – collectible to awaiting fans outside, there to catch a glimpse of the millennial pin-ups the...

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MILAN So Far: The Goddess Prevails

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—Parading down the runway in shimmering gold gowns, with perfect slim bodies and barely aging faces, Gianni Versace’s original ’90s supermodels (now in and around a half century old) showed us...

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Jil Sander: The Verdict (Again)

By Jessica Bumpus

It's a baptism of fire taking on such a cult brand like Jil Sander. The comparisons for any new designer taking on the job come thick and fast – there was the lady herself (more than once), there...

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Albino Teodoro's Pret-A-Couture Strikes A Chord

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—Roman designer, Albino D’Amato of the upscale Albino Teodoro label follows in a legacy of Roman couturiers like the Sorelle Fontana, Valentino Garavani, and, most recently, Giambattista Valli...

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Milan’s New Chapter

By Jessica Bumpus

There’s a new name at Vogue Italia (Emanuele Farneti who took on the mantle following the sad passing of Franca Sozzani), there’s a new name at Roberto Cavalli (read more about that here), and...

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Milan: Surprise Surprise!

By Jessica Bumpus

Let's be clear, Versace owned Milan Fashion Week and that wasn't even anything to do with the clothes. It was because of THAT finale. That very supermodel finale: Carla, Claudia, Naomi, Cindy, and...

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Roberto Cavalli 3.0

By Jessica Bumpus

We've been here before: waiting for the grand reveal of the new Roberto Cavalli designer and their take on what is a stalwart name in Italian fashion. It was Peter Dundas that had the task back...

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Emilio Pucci: Back On Track

By Jessica Bumpus

It was in April this year that the house of Emilio Pucci announced the somewhat abrupt departure of relatively new creative director hire Massimo Giorgetti – of MSGM fun. He seemed like he might be...

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INTERVIEW: Arthur Arbesser Opens Up About SS18 and His Latest Gig

By Sofia Celeste

MILAN—Vienna-born designer Arthur Arbesser has a lot to celebrate. The darling of fashion’s elite critics, the Central Saint Martins’ graduate just succeeded Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi as...

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Lucio Vanotti: What Comes First? The Woman or The Clothes?

By Jessica Bumpus

Designers love to wax lyrical about the women they're dressing. And of course no more so than during fashion week when press releases paint quite the vivid picture. But going against that grain is...